Why have we filed the suit against the LWMC?

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After 8 years of dedicated services in the waste management sector of Lahore, on Dec 20, 2020, the LWMC accompanied by the police, raided the workshops under the use of Albayrak and Özpak without any legal document or just cause. This treatment was utterly unfair, illegal and gross violation of our rights. We are making it public knowledge that with regret and dismay we have initiated the legal proceedings regarding the incident and have already filed a criminal complaint against the relevant Executives of the LWMC. We would like to share the story of our past years so that people understand that we did not deserve this unjust treatment.
Albayrak Group established in 1952, is one of the leading companies which operates in many sectors in Turkey. We are the first and the largest waste management company in Turkey and have been serving for the past 30 years in waste management sector around the world. With this rich experience, we came to Lahore in 2012 to modernize the waste management services for the citizens.
Our investment in Pakistan is not merely fiscal; we are emotionally invested in the country whose people stood with the people of Turkey in the trying times. Although we came to Pakistan for a commercial activity, our main motivation has always been to share our experiences with our Pakistani brothers. This has made us prepare a whole generation of waste management experts who are working with Albayrak in Pakistan. Since our arrival, Lahore has emerged as the cleanest city of Pakistan. It has been quoted as an example by local, national and international media for efficacy in waste collection, transportation and cleaning services. To ensure highest quality of services, along with engaging 4,000 required sanitary workers, we deployed 1500 additional workers. We have lifted 6,898,254 tons of waste. Out of goodwill gesture, we deployed 64 additional mini dumpers, one container disinfectant vehicle worth millions of rupees and more than 5000 additional containers. We introduced electrical sweepers. We have carried out more than 3500 awareness drives in Lahore. We provided waste bags, distributed literature and worked on Eids with extra machinery and workforce. We have financially helped our client for media campaigns on special occasions. This above mentioned list of the steps that we took to ensure cleanliness and to support our client is by no means exhaustive.
Our contract expired in February 2020. However, on the request of our client the LWMC, we agreed to extend our services for 2 more months. Despite plans, the LWMC failed to roll out the tender process and could not finalize any plans to take over the waste management services of Lahore. Consequently, the current contractors were forced to provide the services through 2 more extensions. The extensions and certain issues of past 8 years were incurring commercial loss to our company. Nonetheless, we continued to serve so that Lahore would not return to the old days and the citizens were not deprived of the cleaning services. We knew that our Lahorite brothers deserve clean Lahore.
While accepting the last deadline in July, we had communicated to our client, that Dec 31st would be our last working day as the worn out machinery and current contract price were a menace for the waste management operations of Lahore. Moreover, since last year, we have only been partially paid. Despite this we managed well to cover the wages and other expenses of the waste management services.
It is pertinent to mention here that during past 2 years at least 7 officers have been joined and left the position of the Managing Director of the LWMC.
The previous managements of the LWMC always looked forward to resolve the issues via dialogue, a policy that was shockingly dismissed by the current management. After taking the office, the current management closed the door on the contractors. They did not formally convey their reservations about our operations. We had requested them to take over operations in phases by Dec 31, 2020. Instead, without replying to our letters and without informing us, they raided our premises while there were only 10 days left in expiration of the contract. This forced us to seek legal remedy and redress.
Following the support of media and Pakistani friends, and after we had filed a legal complaint, the LWMC wrote letter to us one day after the raid, enlisting that our services were not deemed satisfactory by them.
We would like to reiterate that the requirement of delivery of the equipment claimed by the LMWC Company is completely fabricated, and the contract we signed clearly states that all equipment, except those delivered by the LWMC to our company at the end of the project, belong to our company. We have had no equipment at our disposal that was property of the LWMC. The LWMC Company illegally seized our company’s equipment and committed a serious crime. We had stay orders from court regarding workshops and equipment dated Dec 21, 2020 & Dec 8, 2020.
In the city where we have worked for 8 years and were a subcontractor of the LWMC, we were misbehaved with. Our Pakistani and Turkish staff, who worked day and night were mistreated, illegally evacuated and harassed.
The Albayrak Family in Pakistan did not deserve this treatment. Albayrak has made Pakistan its second homeland. In this time of misery, our only consolation is to know that this illegal attitude and unjust mindset of the LWMC administration is not shared by our Pakistani brothers and friends.
We have filed the case against the LWMC

1. Because they have tried to damage and harm the brotherhood of Pakistan – Turkey,
2. Because they have tried to sabotage the trade relations between two countries,
3. Because they have tried to set obstacles in the way of foreign investors’ activities in the Pakistan,
4. Because they have tried to harm the commercial reputation of our company,
5. And, because this behavior is the breach of contract, a breach of trust, a violation of fundamental rights and contempt of the court.

We respectfully announce to the public that we have filed a criminal complaint and made our application to the court to seek redress.

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