Shahbaz Gill’s FIR is another example of the continued witch hunt of the Turkish contractors

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Spokesperson the Punjab government Shahbaz Gill’s FIR is another example of the continued witch hunt of the Turkish contractors. Mr Gill in a TV program had defamed the metro bus operator company Platform Turizm. He had claimed that the contract was awarded as a result of bribe and corruption. Following his irresponsible and baseless allegation, the company had filed a criminal case against Shahbaz Gill under Section 499, 500 PPC. The company had filed the case through employee Tahir Mubeen who was authorized by the authorized representatives of the Turkish firm in Pakistan. The management in Pakistan, in turn had been authorized by the board of directors of the company based in Turkey vide power of attorney dated 29-06-2020. The authority letters and all other relevant papers have been attested by the Pakistan Consulate in Turkey and by the Foreign Affairs Department of the Pakistan. However instead of contesting the case in court for his defaming remarks, Shahbaz Gill filed a baseless FIR against the employees of Platform Turizm alleging that the authority letter is fake. We would like to assert that all our papers are in order and Mr Shahbaz Gill has nothing to say for his irresponsible and libellous remarks. Consequently, he is filing baseless cases which amount to harassing our employees. His actions are intended to mislead the public and to persecute the Turkish firm. Such action will also discourage investors from coming to Pakistan.
We would like to reassert that the case against Mr Shahbaz Gill was filed by the employees of Platform Turizm on the directions of the BOD of the company who are looking at the witch hunt with shock and dismay.

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