Ramazan: Cleanliness & Advocacy Drive of Albayrak in Mujahidabad

Lahore: Albayrak Waste Management carried out a cleanliness & advocacy drive in Jamia Mosque Usmania Hanfia, UC-47 on Friday. Day long drive aimed to sensitize the worshippers about proper waste disposal. Albayrak team requested Khateeb of Jamia mosque to instill the civic sense of cleanliness among the citizens through his Friday sermons and teachings. Ramazan calendars and awareness brochures were also distributed in the mosque.

Later, Albayrak team distributed awareness literature among the local shopkeepers of Singhpura Ramazan Bazaar. The shopkeepers and visitors were requested to place their garbage and leftovers in the waste bags and hand it over to the sanitary workers.

Albayrak would deploy its sanitary staff and machinery in the Ramzan Bazaars to ensure cleanliness arrangements. The workers would perform cleanup operations in two shifts.

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