Modernizing Workforce Engaged in Waste Management

The workforce of Albayrak Waste Management is regularly briefed about necessary health and safety measures.

Modernizing the Waste Management is not limited to the upgrading of waste management machinery and techniques only. It also involves the uplifting of the sanitary staff which is engaged in one of the most excruciating works of public welfare.

Keeping in view this context, Albayrak regularly arranges programs like training workshops, counseling sessions, medical camps and prize distribution ceremonies.

In Nov this year, a comprehensive educational program has been launched at union councils’ level by Albayrak Waste Management to educate the sanitary staff and to stay aware of their problems. The Communications Wing of Albayrak Waste Management reaches out to the sanitary staff at UC level to aware them of necessary health & safety measures. The Team discourages the use of drugs among sanitary staff. It also listens to the individual problems and difficulties faced by the workforce and works for the resolutions of the problems at hand. . The workers are urged to wear complete uniform kits to avoid health hazards. The workers are also briefed about the ways to cope with the infections while working in the field.


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