In Workers’ Training and Discussion Session, Albayrak sanitary workers urge general public to manage waste properly

While expressing their concerns during the training and discussion session, the sanitary workforce of Albayrak requested the citizens to change their daily littering habits. They said that at times as soon as the workers got free from cleaning the area, the local residents would start throwing garbage at the same place which the workers had taken hours to clean. Thus the problems of waste management remain unresolved due to unhealthy littering habits.
Senior Manager Operations Albayrak Mahmut Oztunc said that cooperation with the sanitary staff is the moral and ethical responsibility of every citizen.
Senior Manager Operations Mesut Deveci congratulated the workers on their exceptional field practices and said that if everyone took care of the city like Albayrak workforce does, many problems of Lahore will be resolved.
Deputy General Manager Operations LWMC Asif Iqbal, Managers Operations LWMC Amna Asif and Shakil Wahid also gave detailed lectures to the workers on proper usage of personal protective equipment in the field.

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