Helpline 1139 to facilitate Albayrak Sanitary Workers for the resolution of their work related problems

During a training and discussion session in Albayrak Workshop, Senior Manager Operations LWMC Sohail Anwar Malik said that the waste management by the LWMC and its contractors is carried out with the help of an extensive network of machinery and workforce which is spread across Lahore city. He said that the managements of both Albayrak and the LWMC were aware that sanitary workers might be facing issues which remain unresolved at UC level due to negligence of ZOs or sanitary supervisors. This is why these discussion sessions are being held. He said that in such cases where ZOs and sanitary supervisors did not address the problems of the sanitary workers, the workers should either contact head office or should lodge complaint on LWMC’s helpline i.e. 1139. Mr Sohail Anwar Malik was speaking at training and discussion session being held in Albayrak workshop.
GM Operations Albayrak Osman Nuri and Senior Manager Operations LWMC Zahid Mushtaq also gave detailed lectures on correct field practices, health and safety measures and use of personal protective equipment in the field.
The senior officials of the LWMC and Albayrak listened to the complaints of the sanitary staff and assured them that their problems would be addressed at the earliest possible.

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