Albayrak’s two-month old proposal to deploy additional machinery in field under deliberations

Lahore: In order to improve the current cleanliness situation and to give Lahorites a cleaner place to live in, Albayrak Waste Management is providing extraordinary waste management services by utilizing its normal routine vehicles as well as additional machinery. During the past years, Albayrak has injected additional resources in the field to meet the needs of modern waste management system. The contractor company has also sought permission from the LWMC for deployment of additional machinery to expedite waste disposal.
In the past one year, Albayrak has placed 1,000 additional waste containers while 200 additional containers were placed in past 3 months. The dedicated field teams of Albayrak also ensure timely repairing, maintenance and painting of the containers.
To ensure manual sweeping on the city roads, Albayrak Company has transferred 1300 additional sanitary workers to the Lahore Waste Management Company without any demand or expectation of compensation. In the past year, Albayrak has also provided 2000 additional handcarts to the sanitary workers to facilitate them in waste collection from the streets.
As per the agreement with the LWMC, the volumetric capacity of the field vehicles should be around 1190 cubic meter while the volumetric capacity of Albayrak’s machinery is 1370 cubic meter. Despite this enhanced capacity, Albayrak has deployed 45 additional vehicles on the city roads for effective waste collection.
Moreover, on the special request of the LWMC, Albayrak has deputed additional machinery other than the contract, to ensure levelling of the landfill site and to dispose of waste effectively. Monsoon rainfalls and other circumstances can cause uneven surface at the landfill site, creating problems for the workers and machinery of the contractor company. However, despite this, Albayrak is lending its unqualified support to the client company. Two months ago, Albayrak had requested the LWMC’s approval to depute additional machinery in the field. Keeping in view the current cleanliness situation, the BOD of the LWMC would deliberate on the matter.

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