Albayrak’s door knocking drive in Shalimar Scheme

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Albayrak Waste Management on Saturday, carried out door to door awareness drive in Shalimar Scheme, UC 140. The team led by Senior Manager Operations Mahmut Oztunc and Labor Councilor Ikram Jutt distributed awareness literature among the local residents. The residents were requested to dispose of garbage properly, use waste containers and maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. The residents were also informed about the waste management services of Albayrak and how they can benefit from the waste management system.
Albayrak is carrying out door to door collection in three shifts with the help of mini dumpers, wheelie bins, handcarts and compactors. As per the contract, the company was obliged to provide 8 mini dumpers in Lahore. However, keeping in view the needs of modern waste management and requests of the public representatives, the number of mini dumpers was increased to 73 which collect waste in two shifts. Besides the service of mini dumpers, 1191 wheelie bins and 3768 handcarts have been provided in the field for waste lifting. The residents on regular basis, are informed about placing their waste outside their homes before the arrival of mini dumper so that the waste could be lifted in specified timings which are conveyed to public beforehand.

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