Albayrak’s Dengue Awareness Drive in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: Albayrak Waste Management conducted a dengue awareness drive in Sain Meeran Gali, Mohallah Raja Sultan (UC-16). The team went door to door to spread the word among the natives of the area about the precautionary measures to prevent dengue outbreak. General Councilor UC-16 Akram Shahid accompanied Albayrak team in the drive. The local residents were requested to avoid littering in open plots and roadside drains, cover water utensils and drinking pots of birds and remove stagnant water from plants and room coolers. The team guided the residents to place their waste bags outside their homes or to hand it over to the sanitary staff.

The locals were informed about helpline number 1139 to register any waste related complaint or to record their feedback regarding cleanliness.  The shopkeepers were requested to place an empty carton or dustbin beside their shop, so that the children, who buy eatables, would throw wrappers in that carton or dustbin.

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