Albayrak Waste Management’s campaign Ehtmam e Ramadan in full swing

Keeping with the tradition of past years, Albayrak has launched special campaign this year titled “Ehtmam e Ramadan”. The campaign aims to underline as special arrangements are made in Ramadan for iftar, sahr and taraveeh, there is similar need to prepare for this holy month by keeping our surroundings clean. Keeping routes to mosques and Ramadan Bazars clean and litter free is the responsibility of every citizen.
One such activity was arranged in Mian Meer Colony, Dharampura. Special cleanliness operation was carried out in surroundings of Mian Meer shrine and adjacent graveyard was manually swept. The Communications team set up an awareness camp and distributed the awareness literature among the visitors of the shrine. They also contacted the administration of the shrine in the mosque and urged them to contact area assistant manager or Communications department’s focal person in case of any emergent complaint.

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