Albayrak Waste Management starts implementation of Eid Cleanliness Plan

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To ensure cleanliness during Eid days, Albayrak Waste Management is carrying out cleanup operations in and around mosques, graveyards, qurban gahs and cattle markets in different towns of the city. Mechanical sweeping and washing are being carried out in the surroundings of the mosques from 8am to 2pm daily.
Albayrak has also provided 2 lac and three thousand kilogram lime and 9420 bottles of phenyl at union council level prior to Eid. Additional machinery and resources have been provided in different UCs of the city. More than 135 awareness camps would be setup for the citizens to register animal waste related complaint. Albayrak team will distribute 10,11000 waste bags among the citizens to dispose of the offal.
Sanitary workers, Albayrak staff and higher management will be on duty during Eid days.

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