Albayrak Waste Management places containers in UCs prior to Eid

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In order to ensure the state of the art cleanliness on Eid ul Adha, Albayrak Waste Management is placing additional containers in different areas. Initially, seventeen containers have been placed in Faiz Bagh and Chah Miran. These containers were placed after detailed discussions with Deputy Mayor Waseem Qadir and the other local representatives of the area. The public representatives had pinpointed the areas where there was need of additional containers, after which Albayrak Waste Management placed the containers. Following the placement of containers in Faiz Bagh, public representatives and Albayrak officials led by Waseem Qadir carried out a door to door awareness drive in the area, urging the citizens to properly use containers.
There are currently 6628 containers in Zone-I of Lahore. Since commencing its operations in Lahore, Albayrak has placed 4717 containers additional to its contract with the Lahore Waste Management Company.

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