Albayrak team urges people to minimize the usage of polythene bags

Lahore: Albayrak Waste Management arranged a one-day awareness drive in Nishtar Town on Friday to distribute environment-friendly paper bags among the citizens. The activity aimed at highlighting harmful impacts of plastic pollution on human life and discouraging usage of polythene bags in routine shopping. Albayrak team distributed paper bags among the shopkeepers and buyers in Ramazan Bazaar requesting them to minimize the excessive use of polythene bags while shopping. Brochures carrying awareness messages were also distributed at Albayrak awareness camp installed in the bazaar.
Talking on the occasion, Albayrak spokesperson said that Albayrak would take every possible step to encourage the public to switch to environment-friendly alternatives such as usage of paper or cloth bags. The citizens should prefer cloth or paper bags to overcome environmental pollution, he added.

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