Albayrak sanitary workers urged to perform field operations only after provision of personal protective equipment

Speaking on the annual workers’ training and discussion session, Senior Manager Operations Albayrak Mahmut Oztunc said that Albayrak carries out training and discussion sessions every year to boost the morale of the sanitary workers and to improve their field performance. The work related problems of the workers would be addressed on priority basis, he added.
Senior Manager Landfill site LWMC Adeel Pervaiz said that sanitary workers have played commendable role in maintaining the cleanliness of Lahore. He also said that if sanitary workers have no proper personal protective equipment in the field, then they should refuse to carry out cleanup operations until they are provided this equipment to ensure their health and safety. Assistant Manager Operations LWMC Hamza Bin Masood also instructed the sanitary supervisors to take necessary measures for the health and safety of Albayrak workforce.

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