Albayrak Sanitary Workers requested to use PPEs properly during the field operations

Albayrak Waste Management is arranging training and discussion sessions for its workforce to keep them aware of health and safety measures, personal protective equipment and correct field practices during their cleanup operations.
Speaking on the occasion, GM Operations Albayrak Osman Nuri demonstrated the correct field practices in front the sanitary workers. He also lauded their field efforts and declared that sanitary workers are the protectors of Lahore as they keep the city safe from diseases by ensuring cleanliness.
Assistant Manager Operations LWMC Hassaan gave a lecture on health and safety measures. He requested sanitary workers to ensure the usage of face masks, gloves and shoes in order to prevent any accidental situation. He also directed the workers to identify those who put waste on fire and endanger the health and safety of everybody.
The sanitary workers highlighted their work related problems. Senior Manager Operations Mahmut Oztunc assured that he will personally visit the union councils and will address their problems.

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