Albayrak sanitary workers get special bonus and advance salary prior to Christmas

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Lahore: Prior to the eve of Christmas, Albayrak Waste Management has paid special bonus and an advance salary to its sanitary staff. The workforce, a large number which hail from Christian community, have received a bonus along with their advance December salary. Speaking about the decision, Project Director Albayrak Cagri Ozel said that the sanitary workers are our asset. They work day and night to ensure cleaner, healthier environment. Albayrak takes pride in being part of cultural and religious festivities of a very diverse workforce.
Moreover, Albayrak Waste Management is carrying out special cleanup operations in and around Christmas bazaars, churches and Christian graveyards with the help of sanitary staff and heavy machinery. Mechanical sweeping and washing are being carried out in the surroundings of the churches and their adjacent localities. These field operations are being supervised by the operations department of Albayrak to facilitate Christian Community in observing Christmas.

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