Albayrak resumes Mosque Awareness Drive after Eid

Lahore:  Albayrak Waste Management has resumed its mosque awareness drive after successful Eidul Fitr operations in Lahore. A cleanliness & advocacy drive was held in Jamia Mosque Haji Barkat Ali on Ashiyana Road on Friday. The one day drive aimed to instill the message of cleanliness among the citizens through Friday sermons. Albayrak team approached Khateeb Jamia mosque and requested him to emphasize on significance of proper waste disposal in his Friday sermons so the citizens could be encouraged to play their part in keeping their surroundings clean. The team also established an awareness camp in the vicinity of the mosque and distributed awareness brochures among the shopkeepers and residents. Prior to Jumma prayer, the sanitary staff cleaned the path leading up to the mosque and sprinkled lime on it.

At the end of the activity, an awareness walk was also arranged in which Albayrak team and natives of the area participated.

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