Albayrak: Mosque Awareness Drive held at Niazi Chowk

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Lahore: Albayrak Waste Management conducted an awareness drive in Markiz Jamiyat Ahl-i-Hadees, Niazi Chowk, UC 16 on Friday. The purpose of the drive was to educate the worshippers to dispose of the waste responsibly. Albayrak team met with Khateeb Hafiz Babar Farooq Raheemi and requested him to underline significance of cleanliness in his Friday sermon. Hafiz Raheemi assured the team of his cooperation.
An awareness camp was established in the premises of the mosque. Albayrak team led by Senior Manager Operations Mahmut Oztunc distributed awareness literature among the local shopkeepers and residents. They were urged to cooperate with the sanitary staff.
Prior to the activity, a special cleanup operation was also carried out to provide cleaner surroundings to the citizens before Jumma prayer.

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