Albayrak concludes ‘Workers’ Training and Discussion Sessions’ after 11 days

Albayrak Waste Management concluded workers’ training and discussion sessions on Saturday. The training and discussions were inaugurated in PILAC on May 16, 2017. Following that, the sessions were simultaneously held in two workshops of Albayrak Waste Management. 4500 sanitary workers of Albayrak were trained in these sessions. The senior management of Albayrak and the LWMC gave detailed lectures to workers on essential precautionary measures and use of PPEs in the field. They also commended the hard work of sanitary workforce whose efforts keep Lahore city clean. After each training session, the workers were invited to share their individual and collective problems which they face in the field. The workers talked about apathy of public who throw waste on roads and in streets. They also highlighted the issues which they faced concerning attendance. The management responded to the workers’ feedback on immediate basis. It was announced that the time to mark attendance in the field has been extended. The workers will now be given 45 minutes in morning as well as in evening to mark attendance. Other problems have been duly noted and Albayrak and the LWMC are working together to resolve these issues. The management assured that workers will start seeing the results of these sessions within two months as the solutions of the highlighted problems will be sought and immediately implemented in the field.
Speaking in the last session, Senior Manager Operations Mahmut Oztunc said that these sessions are significant as they bring to light the issues which are being faced by hardworking sanitary workers in the field. He said that such sessions would be held more often in future.

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